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Vic Brant

Having been riding, teaching riders and educating horses for the last *coughs* 20+ years, I have now settled into keeping horses and competing as a hobby instead of a career. I live on a farming estate in Lincolnshire with my super groom (husband) and our two horses, both of them I event at grassroots level on a tight financial shoestring and an even tighter confidence shoestring!

Pat is a 14 year old 7/8th TB gelding by Master Imp, I bought him as a rising 6 year old and we have had our fair share of successful and not-so-successful times, scrabbling our way through the eventing fixtures over the last 3 years! Pea, is a 15 year old TB mare who I trained and competed for her previous owner 5 years ago. After a few years of lawn mowing, Pea has made her way back to me as another 'forever horse', she is proving to be quite the eventer and I can't wait to see what the next few years bring for her and I. 

After a severe confidence hit in 2016, I found myself regularly avoiding the saddle and on the verge of giving up. As you will know by now, I didn't give up, and instead I gathered together what was left of my nerve and got back out there! Since then, I have been to almost 30 one day events up to BE100 and I don't plan to give up anytime soon! My goals are very simple - I don't long for rosettes, I have no real competitive drive to win every outing, I just want to have an absolute ball out eventing with my horses. I love the sport, even if it scares the absolute socks off me, but I just want to keep improving and experiencing that incredible rush of adrenalin I get from flying over a jump! 

Winning for me isn't coming first, it's smiling until my face hurts and making memories with my horses.