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Jas Underwood

My passion for horse riding really took hold during the covid lockdowns when life in isolation meant I could no longer go to school, see my friends or compete in hockey, which had always been my number one sport until that point. I found it a tough time to deal with, as no doubt a lot of people did, but I was incredibly fortunate to have a pony who kept me sane and became my main focus and so I threw myself into improving my riding.

Being able to train over Jump 4 Joy fences during those years was a huge benefit for me as it meant I could improve all three disciplines of eventing without having to travel anywhere. The jumps are great for training as they are extremely practical and easy to move around, but they also provide a huge range of colourful and spooky fillers which have helped me massively in preparing for events. The cross country training fences are also invaluable as are the poles and cavalettis for flat work.

I had only just begun competing in British Eventing at the age of 15 just before the lockdowns hit, and so post lockdown it was fantastic to really get going with competing again and putting my training into practice. I soon found it had paid off, as I moved up quickly through the levels, being selected to represent Great Britain at the Junior European Championships in 2022 at the age of 17 which has been a dream come true and an absolute honour.