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Welcome to the voting page for Jump 4 Joy’s Search for Ambassadors 2019.  Please click on the vote button to register your vote for your selected candidate.  You can only vote once for each individual candidate, but you can vote for more than one candidate if you wish. Results will be announced on our social media pages, so please be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to get the news of our winners as soon as they are released. Thank you for voting!

Alice Goring

I am an amateur eventer and my main horse is The Little Frenchman, who at 15hh is one of the smallest horses in the world eventing at Advanced level. I have owned him for 6 years and together we have jumped double clears and been placed up to CCI3*-S level. I work full time researching bone disease and do most of my riding in the dark before or after work! I would love to be chosen as a Jump4Joy ambassador as having bought a second-hand course of jumps myself and a skinny brush. It is a company I really believe in and would work really hard to promote. I currently own and ride four horses whilst working full time. I am most proud of going clear in my first Advanced with The Little Frenchman. The jumps are as big as him, but he is incredibly talented and made it feel so doable. The video of my round was Eventful Life’s most watched video of 2018! The other three horses that I am eventing are all youngsters. I enjoy taking on horses who haven’t been broken or have just been broken and producing them to event. All three of them have already had placings out eventing, which is very rewarding. We are currently planning a trip abroad with The Little Frenchman, where we will enter a CCI3*-L. My riding ambitions would be to step him up to 4* this year, with the long-term goal to get to Badminton on one of the smallest horses out there. I also aim to step up all of my youngsters up to at least BE100 this year.
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Emily Morris

I would like to be chosen as I believe I lead by example and treat others as I would like to be treated. As part of the school equestrian team, I have mentored other riders, with their competition nerves and confidence issues. I have also helped to promote the riding team to help recruit more members to the squad. When I started at my current school in September 2015, there was only myself, now we have a squad of 12 riders of all ages and levels. I help with the administration side of the entries, checking dates for competitions and closing dates for the Team Manager. The Equestrian team has had a fair amount of success considering the large range of ages and abilities. The team came 2nd at the NSEA Plate Championships at dressage, I was the individual Champion at the same Championships in 2017. I was also the County Champion at dressage in 2018. I also achieved two top ten places, with two different horses, in the NSEA British Eventing League. I have also enjoyed helping the younger children at pony club. I have achieved various badges during my time at Pony Club and in the summer of 2018, I was the only rider from my pony club to achieve the B Test. I am working toward becoming an Equestrian Chiropractor eventually but with regard to my riding, I would like to be able to compete at Badminton one day.
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Heidi Coy

I’m an 18-year-old event rider from Leicestershire. I am lucky I am based at home on my Dad’s dairy farm. I am very dedicated and thrive to be at the top. Having just finished my A levels, I am now going into riding professionally. I have produced my top horse, Royal Fury, from a green 4-year-old to winning a double silver medal last year in Fontainebleau.
My best riding experience would be winning a double silver medal at the Junior Europeans last year on a horse that I had produced myself from a 4yo. Also, I was the support rider for Ros Canter and Caroline Moore demos over the winter which was great fun and I learn a lot.
My goals for this year are to compete at the Young Rider Europeans and continue to produce my other 6 horses up the grades. My long-term goals is to be at the Olympics.
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Ally Kelly

Hi! I’m Ally and I’m a 27-year-old blogger from Essex - my blog based on Facebook and is called “Ally Approved”. On there, I talk about all the latest horsey products and news from an amateur’s point of view. I also openly talk about my mental health and how equestrianism works as my therapy. I think I should be chosen as I’m a genuine fan of Jump 4 Joy; I only talk about products I really do like. I’m not professional rider but I think I represent the normal every day working rider - juggling full time work with my passion for horses. I compete my young cob in showing. My greatest achievement is riding at London’s Hyde Park at the prestigious London Riding Horse Show. And if that wasn’t enough, I was riding Side-saddle! A real passion of mine. My goal is to affiliate my young cob, Strandhill Serenade, and eventually Side-saddle him. The ultimate dream is HOYS.
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Guy Simmonds

I am Guy Simmonds! I have been lucky enough to be runner up in the Omega Equine All Star competition in Horse and Country TV - from that I embarked on an adventure making my own TV programme - Guy Simmonds - Winging it! travelling across Europe filming a series about horsemanship around the world. I rode some amazing horses in some amazing places! Upon my return home, I am focusing solely on Showjumping and looking to compete up to foxhunters. I have been so lucky In the last year to ride horses that people can only dream of - from Spanish horses, stunt horses to Arab stallions, GP showjumpers , race horses, cowboys horses , vaulting to reining! I am working towards going to Badminton Grass Roots. Building upon my TV series and hoping to carry on with a second series, with a few horsey twists along the way!
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Selina Capewell-Hughes

My pony is called Bubbles who is a Welsh Section B and is 13.2hh and 18 years old today (1st May) !!! I have had him for 2 years on my 15th birthday (30th November) and he is the best birthday present ever and has been the best thing that has happened to me. After years of pestering my parents and driving them to the edge of being insane, I opened an envelope which said I am now loaning him. I have this paper framed and hung on my bedroom wall. I was an emotional wreck and cried my eyes out I was so happy! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for days.... our first couple of rides did not go so well though! I have gone from being scared of jumping 60cm and over to jumping his biggest jump in history of 100cm. We have achieved so much and he has made me not only the rider I am but the person I am today. Now I have Bubbles, I feel invincible. Our partnership is great, I have taught him tricks like to kiss and he loves to hug! I hope you understand that I am extremely passionate in what I do and Bubbles means so much to me. #poniesforlife !!
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Vic Brant

Having been at the depths of a confidence breakdown both in and out of the saddle only three years ago, the thought of getting the tack out of my car made tears sting my eyes every night after work. I couldn’t see a way out and decided to throw in the towel when I had the most life changing epiphany! I grew a set of big confidence balls and despite the fear, rode through all those walls of anxiety to get back out eventing! I now have two event horses, 3 jobs in order to fund them and more determination than I have ever known. I’m not giving in to fear and I do everything I can to help other people joining me on this battle! I might not be a brilliant rider and I certainly don’t have expensive horses but I have so much to offer. I LOVE my horses and I LOVE inspiring other people, just what I think you need in a J4J ambassador!
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Georgia Russell

I’m Georgia Russell! I am from the Isle of Wight and I own a beautiful Dun TB X Connie, his little friend Boris the Shetland and Moose a yearling new forest. I’ve been riding since before I can remember and decided to start blogging in January of last year. I am a social work student, studying at Southampton Solent University and am due to qualify this July!! Everyone at the office knows me as the horse crazy girl, and Barny is a hit with the amazing children I work with! My blog talks through the good, bad and ugly truth of the Equestrian sport, as well as my everyday life. Equestrianism is tough, and I have had plenty of knock backs, the main one being shattering my leg and confidence back in 2016. So, I try to be as humorous and as relatable as possible! I am confident and invested in brands I use and want the world to know how great they are and lastly, I want to show off my amazing little horse (even if I do mess up from time to time)! I broke Barny in last autumn and he has been a superstar ever since!! We are now out competing at BE80 and are so ready to move up the levels! We do get out every weekend, whether it be a riding club team event, local dressage or British Eventing. The trailer doesn’t stay still for long! We spend whatever time we can chasing qualifications and championships but mainly all I want to do is go out and have the best time on my yellow horse!
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Georgia Johnson

Hi! My name is Georgia Johnson and I am a 16yo equestrian currently based in Norfolk. I am originally from Australia, I moved to Germany in 2014 and then finally to the UK in 2017. Growing up in Australia my parents bred lots of horses, and I hope to start breeding my own jumping ponies soon too. Breeding has always been my passion! I currently own 3 ponies - Mio, a 19yo Welsh B 12hh gelding, who was the first pony I got when I moved to Europe, Vanilla, a 14yo Palomino Dutch Riding Pony 148cm, who was a former broodmare and only broken in 2016, and my latest addition Leo, a 2yo Palomino Dutch Riding Pony Colt, who I hope to be my future competition pony and breeding stallion. I didn’t have the opportunity to compete properly until last year, and within a few months I was already competing in BS Junior classes on a 138cm pony owned by a friend. I have also spent the last year slowly bringing on Vanilla, who I now compete in BS Senior Classes due to my age, up to 90cm. She has a great jumping pedigree and I hope we will be able to compete much higher in the future. At home, I also do a lot of trick training and tackless riding, especially with Mio.
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Claire Fielding

I’m based in Stansted, Essex and have a yard of 10 horses. I have couple of my own and the others belong to owners. I have them competing from 80 level upwards, and I’ve competed up to intermediate and 3*. I bring on young event horses and also re-train ex-racers. I don’t have an arena and do all my training from my fields as well as lots of hacking. I have regular training with Christopher Bartle and also this year started training with Ros Canter which has been fabulous. I would so love to become a Jump 4 Joy ambassador as it will bring my horses and I on no end, and also, I can help train other riders with the help of Jump 4 joy show jumps and xc fences in my field at home. I would love to go advanced - that would be my dream and then 4*. 5* would be amazing. I’ll start with advanced first! Also, I want to try and win the ROR novice champs at Gatcombe.
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