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Just one way in which Jump 4 Joy are supporting Redwings is through the adoption of two ponies: Rumpel - who was rescued from Spindle Farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, where he had been living in truly awful conditions along with almost 100 other horses and donkeys; and Lady,  a beautiful Shire horse who arrived at the Sanctuary in 2017 when she was just a year old, after her, her mum and 17 other Shires had been left to fly-graze on farm land in Kidderminster. The rescue took 15 hours and involved several charities, with six of the group coming to live at Redwings. She and her friends were named after types of butterfly.

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Donate & Adopt

Join us in supporting Redwings Horse Sanctuary by making a donation here. However large or small your donation will be gratefully received by Redwings. 

Alternatively, if like us, you would like to adopt a horse or pony for just £15 per year, please click here.