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To start my blog off I’d like to say how ecstatic I am to be part of the 2018 elite #teamjump4joy amateur team to join William Fox Pitt. I am extremely privileged to be on such a prestigious team with Grace and Elly!🇬🇧

In the month of June, I had quite a busy 4 weeks! I found out that I had become one of the top 3 ambassadors for Jump 4 Joy - I have to say I was extremely excited and overwhelmed! I had started talking to the other 2 ambassadors arranging our meetup at Hickstead a few weeks on from then!

On the 9th we took both Billie and Misty cross-country schooling for fun and it was amazing, I have to say I think the ponies thoroughly enjoyed having a day out of the showjumping ring and have a good gallop. It was Misty’s first cross country session which I thought would be very eventful, thankfully she took it very maturely and had a blast! 

A few weeks past very quickly and it was time to leave for Hickstead, me and my two friends left around 8am in the morning to arrive at 11am just in time for my Jump 4 Joy meetup! 

We had a few photos taken and another jumping over one of their jumps, it was very entertaining for everyone around😂 although I think we all secretly loved being in our horse’s shoes for a few minutes!

After leaving the Jump 4 Joy stand we went off to do some shopping in the massive shopping village, as well as watching the derby in the main arena. Throughout the day we managed to get autographs off Scott brash, Harry Charles, Peter Charles and Holly Smith - we held George for her while she competed her others, he was such a gorgeous horse full of character! Unfortunately, she didn’t get placed on him. 

As our day came to an end we were so sad to leave but so happy we went, I can’t thank Jump 4 Joy for the best experience for us!
On the Saturday after, me and Izzy took Misty to my local show to do some in hand showing with her, again a new experience but really took it into her own stride and pulled out two 1sts getting us into the championship, very proud of how far she’s come on!
Then on the Sunday we decided to take her BSJA for some jumping, she did a lovely clear round to warm up followed by the British novice where she had a few poles. Unfortunately in the Discovery I messed up and jumped the wrong course! I was way too focused on her lovely jumping that I jumped the old number 2. Definitely a #SACKTHEJOCKEY moment!!😂

To finish off June, me and Billie jumped our highest bareback jump at 1.30cm, definitely ready to jump the Bury Farm bareback challenge next year😂

I hope you enjoyed my first blog, I will be doing monthly ones which will be put up on the Jump 4 Joy website.

To keep up with my journey make sure you’re following me on my instagram and Facebook where I post regular updates!
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Until next time,
Chloe and the team🐴